Monday, August 24, 2009

Lisa Akikawa - Watashi No Record (1973)

Though little is known about the origin of this record by the staff at Showa OK!, we do know that the original pressing of this 45 is quite rare. The daughter of an American soldier and a Japanese mother, Lisa Akikawa was a model and actress during the 1970s and 80s, appearing in various magazines, films and television shows during her career. This single, her debut recording, was produced by the late Kazuhiko Katō around the same time his group Sadistic Mika Band released their first album.

The title of the record, Watashi No Rekōdo, or "My Record", is for all intents and purposes a misnomer. The lyrics to both songs were penned by Akikawa herself, though as is the case with most media personalities-turned-musicians, the real effort here seems to be the result of another: the songwriting and arranging talents of producer Nobuyuki Takahashi, not to mention Katō's experience behind the boards. But as each side of the record reveals its own distinctive sound and mood, we thought it wise to include both songs for your consideration.

The title track starts off with a soulful, moody melody, complete with sweeping string arrangements and some choice guitar licks. The lyrics seem to be aimless in their discontent, carried by a spacy yet subtle chorus.

The b-side (which when translated means simply just that) is a little more plaintive in its emotion. The longing melody here begins softly, sprinkled with a quirky synthesizer line, building steam until it climaxes on a solid groove. Again, the tasteful chorus arrangements complement the rest of the recording, with Akikawa's delicate voice in particular.

Lisa Akikawa - Watashi No Record
秋川リサ - 私のレコード
Lisa Akikawa - Watashi No Record B-Side Version
秋川リサ - 私のレコードB面用

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